Mobile Central Europe

It was a very successful conference! In my opinion the most speaker friendly one I have attended so far. With this short introduction I’d like to tell you a short story about Mobile Central Europe conference (

The Venue

The conference took place at cinema Kino Praha ( in Warsaw on January 11th, 2014. Place was extraordinary and well prepared. I will cover that in a separate section. I had a pleasure to talk there previously on December 8th, 2013 on Mobile Warsaw with my talk “Always Be Responsible for Any Code You Write, Even for Fun! NoException()”.

The building is an old but completely overhauled cinema with three large halls. The Mobile Central Europe team has put a lot of effort to prepare this venue to the conference and you were able to notice that on spot. Everything worked great. To begin with catering, technical services to end with wifi.

The hackaton

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make at the hackaton, although I heard that it was spectacular event with more than 200 attendees. Mobile people tends to be interested in various nice-to-watch technologies to begin with wearable computers, smartphones, tablets and robots (sic!).


I have attended lots of conferences and I can say that this one stands off. There were around 500 IT and mobile technologies geeks gathered together in one place. People were very friendly. Mobile enthusiasts are a bit different than for example hardcore programmers or old school hackers. There are very open and… colorful :} And that’s a good thing!

The Stage

For me it was like a dream. Stage in the large almost 300 seat cinema hall, my slides was on a humongous silver screen and video from my talk was broadcasted to other two halls with around 130 seats each. Amazing! :}

Moreover the stage was highlighted and very well visible from distance. Speaker had an big TV with slide in front of him and smaller one with timer counting down to the end of the talk. Seats was very comfortable and people came to this conference from literally around the world. I have never talked with such comfort and stage preparation. I felt very professional.


In my opinion this was one of the best conferences in Poland I have attended. I have to thank Polidea for an invitation to be a part of such a wonderful event.

If you’re interested in more detailed information in Polish, here’s blogpost review from official blogger of the conference: Kamil Brzeziński