Jira is a great tool. Jira supports development in various ways speeding up the whole process. Thanks to Jira and it’s workflows we can provide a flexible platform for either Business or IT.

The JIRA in Business (http://www.intenso.pl/jira-in-business-conference/) conference took place in Warsaw on Nov 21st, 2013. The Intenso, a company behind the conference, selected a beautiful manor on the edge of town as a venue for this event. We started at 10 am and after few hours of talks everybody was richer by some experience gained from lectures.

How Atlassian Tools Supports Development at Allegro Group

Allegro Group really indeed has dragged to the public that we have a humongous JIRA instance with 500 projects, 300k issues and a 1k issues growth. The Development Tools Ecosystem administrators are working hard on reliability and stability, yet delivering a cutting edge features to improve development process.

This was a subject of one of my previous posts (http://www.harasymczuk.pl/2013/11/how-atlassian-tools-supports-development.html). This time I gave a talk based on my own experience how to deliver the most quality and productivity stimulant development environment to software engineers. The talk was short and passionate. My goal was to convince Business oriented audience, that at the other side (IT) there are people that want to help you with solving your problems.

Issue Templates

This talk was Piotrek Polak’s lecture on Jira Issue Templates plugin, that was developed to solve problem with imprecise communication between reporter and assignee. Thanks to Issue Templates we can speed-up issue creation process and raise quality of user feedback. Piotrek gave a decent talk followed with 15 minutes discussion panel.

The Conclusion

This conference was a very nice one. Lots of new contacts with people either from Polish IT or even Atlassian. Intenso created a very friendly place for knowledge and experience exchange. The venue was superb and it should be an example place for other conferences.