Conference is a perfect place for learning and making new connections. Some events are influential, other not so much although GDG (Nov 9th, 2013) in my personal opinion was a very successful one. Let’s see how it was.

Building an intuitive API using REST and HATEOAS

The first Allegro speaker was Mateusz Stępniak. On the daily basis he is involved in mobile web application development and API building. He talked about good practices for APIs. Mateusz told us how IT giants are creating their services and how they share them with developers. He mentioned Twitter, Facebook, Google and Linkedin.

Always Be Responsible for Any Code You Write, Even for Fun

The second presentation on the GDG was Mateusz Harasymczuk’s talk on being responsible for any code you write. This get-at-able talk was a free form pondering on software craftsmanship and code quality. The topic is very familiar to anyone practicing software development for living hence the talk was very well attended and received.


Oh may, it was fun. We talked, we ate, we drank and fooled-around with big Google Maps marker. The DJ was playing an easy-going music, hence people was dancing on the dance-floor for a long time. As always the time for party ended up too early therefore we had to move our event to the city center where we talked for long hours till the very dawn.