Every once a while I try to imagine how my life would look like if only I had chosen different path than IT. I have met many friendly people related to computers in my life so far. There is no way back from the point where I am standing right now. I’ve got used to the IT jokes and do I understand them… Therefore I am a geek. Isn’t that something worthwhile spending time on pondering? Hmm… let’s see.

Every story has the beginning...

My journey started on February 28th, 1999. I had plenty possibilities to use computers before, however I have started to count my everlasting love for these machines since that particular day. The day when I’ve got my first computer! Everything has changed since then.

For the next few years I have been amazed by this little gray box. I had spend a lot of time on gaming, changing wallpapers and tweaking the system which eventually resulted in crashing the whole Windows 98 :} Long story short, I had found a new passion which has deeply settled in my heart ever since.


I’ve met plenty of nice people who helped me to gain experience and to extend my skills in other IT related areas to the point where I am right now. I have spent countless nights in front of IRC channels. Asking my own and responding to those of others. And I am very grateful for the help given to me by this great number of souls.

Indeed. There was one one day in my life (a few years after I have got my PC) when I decided to go social to the Linux User Group. By the way, someday I will write my story about “How I started using Linux” which is kind of a nice story though. As far as I remember it was a Mandrake 9.1 with 2.4.12-pre kernel… A long time ago :}

But getting straight to the point. It was a Poznan Poland Linux User Group (A.K.A PPLUG). On that particular day I met tons of Linux and IT fanatics and passionates. I have found similar nerds, passionate about what they are doing on daily basis. At last. I am not the only freak out there! I was 16 back then and I was a young kid but I wanted to dive deep into it or should I write “dive deep into IT” :}

Give yourself away...

So many people have helped me so far. I will pass it on!

From now on, I am starting a new blog for those youngsters, teenagers and students passionate about IT like I was… like continuously I am!

I’ll help you like others helped me. I’ll do my best.

Do not lose the passion!
Do not lose the will!

This is the most important thing!
The rest is only a matter of the time.

Stay tuned.